This side of the business focuses on using creative and natural products to sell to customers that provide a source of revenue to selected nonprofit organizations of my choice that meet the following criteria:

  1. Focus must be on children (from shelter, clothes, learning, play, school supplies, basic needs, etc.)
  2. Government or community help is either nonexistent or extremely limited
  3. 90% of proceeds must go directly to the benefit of the children
  4. I have to personally volunteered my time

My focus for 2016 is on the Amy Biehl foundation. The Amy Biehl Foundation is a non-profit organization in Cape Town, South Africa. It runs programs to educate, develop and empower children and youth ages 5 – 25 years old and the youth are from challenged and vulnerable communities.

The Amy Biehl foundation gives the youth hope and a brighter future whilst contributing to the alleviation of HIV/AIDS, poverty, gangs, violence and crime. This is achieved by providing educational and cultural activities that offer students healthy alternatives to all the negative influences around them, with the aim of giving them opportunities to become future leaders, entrepreneurs and well-rounded citizens in a global society. The programs reach over 2000 children every day.

These programs place a focus on the creative side of the children’s brain and supplements the shortcomings of the educational system in the townships of South Africa.

Over 50% of children in South Africa who start elementary do not finish high school. This coupled with the high level of teen pregnancy (over 2000 girls in the Western Cape alone annually), the unacceptable level of teen gang activity and violence, illuminates why the need for the Amy Biehl Foundation is so significant.

Not only do I support the foundation financially but I have also spent time in their classrooms reading to the children and have taught classes to the facilitators to help them tailor their academic plans so they can teach and share the learnings in their classrooms.

To learn more about Amy Biehl :

You can help support this important cause by purchasing 2 of my select wines. Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. Five percent (5%) from the sale of each bottle of wine will feed one child in the program each day.

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